“I’ve been dreaming, hoping, wishing…”

“Desperately” by Jegs Benedict | Apparently, I have written about this song. Sort of. We first mentioned Jegs Benedict on this blog almost two years ago, on an installment of the Local Outsider. I didn’t spotlight this song, but I mentioned it. “If you’re looking for something more, um, conventional, there’s ‘Desperately’,” I wrote, “which does calm me down after frantic, yes, cramming.” But then, Jegs Benedict is now a band of four, and this single – which they released a couple of months back, but hey, it’s Valentine’s week, so why not today? – has inevitably gotten a do-over. (Okay, I’m writing about this in part because Jegs tweeted me. I miss a lot of things, I told you.) There’s some extra magic in this version: I’m sure the vocal harmonies did the trick. Now I imagine the band serenading some girl in some sort of high-stakes pre-prom moment. Oh, right, it’s prom season! This fits. [NB]

The Local Outsider #17: Bianca Catibayan, Bea Lorenzo and Jegs Benedict

This is one of those times when I question, slightly, why I decided to act like this blog is a serious one, by introducing regular segments like this one. Once again, I have been busy, but this time, so busy I am writing this the morning of the publication date. I typically pre-write these things (like most prudent so-called bloggers do) but now, well, cramming time! I guess it’s also why I have been gravitating towards singer-songwriters on the Local Outsider in recent months. It’s deceivingly simple and there’s less pressure to “get it right”, so to speak. With that, more of them, because why not?

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