“It’s gonna hit you with a big wave.”

“Big Wave” by Jenny and Johnny | Speaking of the Cults song I posted yesterday, here’s a song I’ve long been meaning to post. 6 Music played this a lot three years ago – this was when I was at work, headphones on, using these guys to drown out the office around me – and I enjoyed it immensely. And then I forgot about it. (Do they play this song now? I don’t think so.) Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley fame) and her boyfriend Johnathan Rice (aka Roy Orbison on Walk the Line) did one album together, under the name Jenny and Johnny, and it’s more happy sunshine pop (which explains the Cults connection) not apart from some of Rilo Kiley’s stuff. But this just felt fresher. Maybe it’s the boyfriend connection. All the making out? [NB]