Review: Crushing by Julia Jacklin

Crushing by Julia JacklinThe first time we reviewed Julia Jacklin it’s with her work with Phantastic Ferniture, which has a completely different sound: that one is blissful, all-bets-are-off garage pop, while in her solo work she’s raw and moody. Crushing, her second record, picks up where she left off, pondering about those initially awkward but more serious moments in relationships, when things feel heightened and everything seem on the line. Or maybe that’s me. It’s really the haunting songwriting – that tinge of humor cutting down, but not entirely, the moments of reckoning she always grapples with – and the even more haunting approach to the music that makes this record, with the second half of the album – the point where things get slow and stripped bare – making the most impact. Crushing, despite the colorful cover, is a depressing record, kind of. But it’s this sort of record that we need: to see someone grapple with the realities and then make the most of it, with an appropriately somber mood to boot. And that’s how we like it. [NB]4/5