Review: Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia StoneI thought I’d never hear from them anymore. News had it that the duo broke up and would just do solo stuff but here they are again, serenading me with their new album. “A Heartbreak”‘s intro was catchy enough for me; it was the kind of upbeat that wasn’t really upbeat, like it refused to be. It was the opener, after all. Just doing its job by setting the mood early on. “My Word For It”‘s closing bars transitioned well to “Grizzly Bear”, which Angus sang very nicely. Very nicely I could’ve sworn he wanted to take me home. If what he was saying was really “can I take you home?” I mean, what if it was just me hearing the wrong things? The first single “Heart Beats Slow” didn’t do much for me, though. It was the first track I heard from them in a long while, and although I have been their fan since the photographer I worship declared “Mango Tree” audio gold, I didn’t like it. I wanted to, though. I’m a sucker for good openings, and it had a nice intro. And then it plummeted from there. But let me get this straight, I’m glad they’re back, and I want to hear more from them in the future. [SY] | 3/5

“Well, I wish you well.”

“Heart Beats Slow” by Angus & Julia Stone | I thought Angus and Julia Stone would continue going solo, but suddenly, they record together, again. “Heart Beats Slow” is the first taster off their upcoming third album, their first together in four years. The sibling duo worked with renowned producer Rick Rubin – who, they told Triple J, was interested in recording, but only if both were on board). The Rubin influence shows: there’s a powerful new beat running under the track, and a sense of revitalized something between the two. Don’t know if Rainy (who’s a fan of the ten) will like this, but I do. Also, apparently, the song is about, of all things, the two’s medically-proven slower-than-usual heart beat. Talk about a heartfelt reunion – not that the split was acrimonious or anything. [NB]

“The frost is slowly falling.”

“Let’s Forget (All The Things That We Say)” by Julia Stone featuring Benjamin Biolay | I first heard this song late last year, and made a note to write about it. And then I forgot about it, as is the case with a bunch of other songs (sorry, 50s-sounding alphabet song I heard on FIP whose name I could never hunt down). And then I start hearing it everywhere. I mean this version in particular, featuring French crooner Benjamin Biolay; it seems that every foreign radio station I tune in to would play this song. (This is an alternate version: the Julia-only version was released in 2012.) Now it’s doing my head in – in a lovely way, of course – and now I’ve written about it, maybe I can let this feeling go? We all need to relax, after all. It’s been a busy week here. [NB]

“From her lips, I heard her say, ‘can I have you?'”

“Mango Tree” by Angus & Julia Stone | Rainy thinks I should “totally” post this, so here it is. I  haven’t heard much of the Aussie brother-sister duo, save for “Paper Aeroplane” and their cover of “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease – both of which feature Julia more, so technically, this is my introduction to Angus, whose voice I already like. The pair’s currently on a hiatus, with both busy with their solo work (Angus’ Broken Brights and Julia’s By The Horns were released recently), but they promised they’d perform together again. As they should. Funny, I never really thought of them as two soloists collaborating – it’s the guitar in their group work that make them, pretty much, one entity. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)