Live things: the magic of forty years of Lea Salonga

The evening rush hour can be particularly bad along C5 these days, and on one of those days, when you need to break the tedium (and physical strain) of inching slowly towards your destination, you end looking at the billboards. One of them has Lea Salonga on, and while I couldn’t remember what else was on it, it helpfully noted that she’s been in the business for forty years.

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“I am but a traveler, in most every way.”

“The Journey” by Lea Salonga | So, yes, with the passing of time, this has turned out to be a cheesy song, albeit one that fits Lea Salonga’s talents perfectly. And yet this is a song that I know very well. Rewind to elementary school – to music class, specifically, where our class, forty-something ten-year-olds, were tasked to memorize this song. To do that, we sang this song over and over again, for an hour, once a week. We weren’t going to perform this anywhere. We just, well, memorized the song. I’d hear it here and there since, I’d have a bit of a throwback moment, and maybe cringe at the memory, but remember my childhood, and how fun it all was. Last week I heard this song again; I was accompanying my dad in the funeral of his college friend’s father. The hearse, parked near the grave, was playing this song out loud, and I felt weird because this is a song I associate the most with my childhood, and not with my eventual death! Sure, the lyrics make sense, but the thrill (really) of hearing Lea enunciate “cup” before the final chorus? A childhood thing. [NB]