“I’ll be okay once I see you at my door.”

“Make Me Sing” by Leanne and Naara | It’s been fifteen months (and two weeks, I think?) since our last gig review, and this Saturday we’re returning to the live music circuit, once again saying hello to the ladies of Bandwagon (in the Philippines) and watching ladies we’ve written about over the years. Both Coeli and Niki Colet are releasing new music in the coming weeks, so we can’t write about those yet, but just last week Leanne and Naara released “Make Me Sing” – a surprisingly short yet very satisfying song, proving you don’t have to spend so much time saying the things you have to say in a very impactful way. Also, call me a weirdo but this has to be their most relaxing song, in the sense that, ideally, everybody will hear this whether it be on a bank-approved radio station or a Spotify stream and like it. I look forward to hear this (and a lot more) on Bandwagon Brunch this Saturday at Frank and Dean – yes, brunch; yes, it’s a morning gig, and if you ask me, person who can’t stay up nor stay out at night for logistical reasons, this is a good thing. Although it’s a shame we’re not going to be able to watch the other two gigs in Bandwagon’s third birthday party, more details of which are here. But, hey, we’re watching a gig again. It just took a year. [NB]

The Local Outsider #15: a “name and name” special featuring Ben&Ben, Leanne and Naara and Migz and Maya

Once again, I find myself writing this at the very last minute. But then there’s another thing: I find myself inadvertently doing a themed installment to the Local Outsider. Last year I did the same thing, so I guess it’s a tradition now? Maybe if I keep this up, it will. Anyway, still playing catch-up, because I don’t really write about acts that start to gain steam – except for some rare cases; that, and I have been meaning to write about one of the acts this month for, well, months now. The fact that there’s a theme – that “name and name” naming convention – is completely coincidental. Or so I’d like to believe.

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