“So long, Marianne. It’s time that we began.”

“So Long, Marianne” by Leonard Cohen | I was thinking of reviewing Leonard Cohen’s last few releases on this blog, but didn’t. Unlike, say, his contemporaries, Leonard seemed much more impenetrable to me, and considering I didn’t have time, I just decided not to. I knew some of his work. Anybody who’s watched a singing competition knows “Hallelujah”, but not the fact that he originally did it. But I knew one day I would have to write about him. I had a feeling this last stretch of his is, well, the last stretch. It is. Leonard Cohen, wordsmith, has died today last Monday (apparently) at 82. A voice that always seemed to speak the truth, never mind if you were a devotee or a passing listener, has been silenced. And so, I attempt to write about him here – perhaps not a crash course like I wanted, at least for now, but still, it was nice knowing you, Leonard, even for a bit. [NB]