“Let’s not pretend that things are easy to do.”

“Let’s Not Pretend” by Lilly Wood & the Prick | Now, another group that, like in yesterday’s post, I found by trawling radio station tracklistings. I was attracted to Lilly Wood & the Prick by their name alone, not realizing that it is a band, from France, specializing in vaguely dancey indie pop. The duo – vocalist Nili Hadida and guitarist Benjamin Cotto – came together in 2006 and has released one EP and two albums to date. “Let’s Not Pretend” (off their second album, The Fight) has a music video, but it’s not a single release; their songs have settled at the bottom of French charts until a remix of “Prayer In C” blew up across continental Europe. Well, the remix is decent, I must say. [NB]