Review: Don’t Look Back by Lola Amour

Don't Look Back by Lola AmourLola Amour is an eight-piece jazzy thing that started shooting up in prominence after winning a slot at this year’s Wanderland – and now they’ve released a four-track EP, Don’t Look Back. All right, it’s three tracks and one 90-second interlude at the end, so momentum-wise it does not feel enough; it feels like they’re still holding back. But this is an EP, and that is pointless nitpicking. That said, there’s something budding in the band’s sound. It’s nice that we have kids who aren’t going for your typical indie-pop sound; that alone is inspiring. The songs are tight and there are some good little surprises sprinkled throughout. And I am a sucker for horns; you all know that. I’m hoping to hear them break out of this introduction in future releases, that they forge their way forward with a sound and a sensibility that’s a little more like their own. But again, that perhaps is also nitpicking. It is a good introduction, and all I’m supposed to give out now is hope. [NB]3/5