“It’s just the way I am today.”

“Lullaby of Wind and Tree” by Loquy | I first drank beer during my senior year in high school. A friend invited me to hang out at his home on his birthday; that same night a unexpectedly beat a friend in an NBA video game. I went home – my dad picked me up because I didn’t know how to get back, it was late and I didn’t know how to drive – switched the radio to NU 107 and heard this song. I heard this song a lot. It topped their Midnight Countdown in 2005. Pontri (where is he now?) always played this, methinks. Heard this a few times more during college, when I spent every break listening to the station. But I never quite figured out who they were – never mind that rock veterans Kevin Roy and Louie Talan were part of the line-up. And then the station folded up and I never heard this song again… until this Wednesday when, in the middle of a conversation with Jayvee about where some of the NU jocks have gone (Trish! Dylan! Andie! And especially you, radio crush Mallorie!) I mentioned this song and he pointed me to it. Throwback to 2005, to hearing this self-described “sensitive male rock” band for the first time, while figuring out what’s so special about beer. And Pontri drawling in this big voice of his. “Nuuuu, one, oh, seven, and that, was, Low-kee. With a song, called, Lullaby, of Wind, and, Tree.”