Review: Like I Used To by Lucy Rose

Like I Used To by Lucy RoseLucy Rose’s best attribute is definitely her voice – sweet, if not syrupy, delicate yet occasionally punchy. Showcasing that in an album can be a problem: do too much and you lose the charm, do too little and you end up with a boring record. Her debut release, Like I Used To, toes the line, with mixed results. The best moments are definitely the simpler tracks: “Shiver”, “First” and the heartbreaking “Be Alright”. But I still love the production on “Lines”, an approach that doesn’t always work on other tracks like “Don’t You Worry”, which just sounds overwhelming. I understand the need for variety, and the effort Lucy exerts here is worth noting – but it does lead to an album that might sound like half of it is filler. | 3/5

“It’s not you. You’re not afraid.”

“Lines” by Lucy Rose | I’ll keep this quick. Edsel, say hello to Lucy Rose. I think you’ll like her the same way I’m currently loving her sweeter than Sarah Blasko vocals. And it seems she’s having this slow boom in the UK, so I’ll take a bet and say we should expect big things from her. (Side note: hit me for being not too familiar with the music of Bombay Bicycle Club, for whom she donated her vocals to at some point.) Also, moody bass! Her album comes out on September 24. I hope I get a physical copy somehow.