“It’s just, I’m so afraid to live.”

“My Baby’s Better Than Yours” by Meg & Dia | Yep, Meg & Dia are finally performing here – tonight at the Hard Rock Café – over a year after Dia Frampton first went to Manila (on a rush gig, I have to say) and stoked all of her fans into the light. Now she’s brought her sister, who laid low on the music scene after the release of Red, and the fans are daaancing. I’ve already done a crash course on the band (well, Dia, but you get what I mean) last year, so I’ll just post another song from them, recommended by Allene (who also helped out on that crash course) a couple of months ago, when news of the return first broke. I think this was off their first album, 2005’s My Home Is Gone, which makes this observation oddly funny: I checked the song out on YouTube and there was a pretty fiery discussion in the comments about… the Twilight saga. People apparently think this song is about the Twilight saga. Sure, the first book was also released in 2005, but still… I don’t see it. And I have seen the films. Well, some of them. Anyway. Concert’s tonight. I’m not going, as you know… [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

Why I’m not watching Meg & Dia next week

Dia Frampton the first time around, performing at the Hard Rock Café in Makati in 2013.

From the moment it was announced – with ample notice this time – that Dia Frampton is returning to Manila, this time with her sister (and former bandmate) Meg Frampton, and their guitarist (and half-Filipino) Carlo Gimenez, I got a bunch of questions. Will I be watching them perform?

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A five-song crash course on Dia Frampton

Dia Frampton is performing at the Hard Rock Cafe Makati on 5 January.

Dia Frampton is coming to Manila – she’s performing tomorrow night at the Hard Rock Cafe – and I’m watching, never mind the fact that I’m only really familiar with her stint on the first season of The Voice and the album that came after she finished that show in second, Red. And since I have a feeling that I will encounter some stuff from her days as vocalist of the sister-act-and-then-some Meg & Dia, I decided to get some help and compile this crash course for myself. Good luck, me. Here we go.

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