How to collect Nordic pop music, part five: the Danish course

How to Collect Nordic Pop Music

We’ve reached the point where things get tricky, slightly. Now we’re past Sweden and Norway – two Nordic countries that have contributed a lot to pop music around the world – we’re heading to countries that are more… incognito, shall we say. But then I have a soft spot for Denmark – my first dip into Nordic pop, at least for this blog, was with this country – and, for a country so small land-wise, it’s also given us a lot. I’m honestly surprised at how many acts I have dug up while researching this week’s installment. So, here we go, then. Denmark.

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“It’s the picture of a thousand sunsets.”

“Paint My Love” by Michael Learns to Rock | Friday night after party after two months (well, more) of grueling work on an industry event. I was at the hotel lobby with a friend, who was trying to get a cab home. We did not notice the hullabaloo happening just outside, but we did notice three tall Caucasians walk in with flower necklaces around their neck – well, not full of flowers, but you get the idea. Welcome necklaces. “Who are they?” my friend asked one of the men hovering at the lobby, holding some large-sized photo with a signature. “Michael Learns to Rock,” he answered. Yes, in a weird twist of fate, Michael Learns to Rock – staple of masa stations until time stops, and then some – walked past us. And we did not know. But we knew the songs. This was instantly stuck in my head the moment I learned that the band – who performed in Manila on Saturday night – was staying at the very hotel I was in. And it played as my friend approached another foreigner asking for a photograph, neither of us realizing until much later that he’s just part of the entourage. [NB]