The Local Outsider #10: Banna Harbera, Sixx and Moonwlk

The Local OutsiderWe’re back to (somewhat) regular programming on this month’s Local Outsider, with us playing catch-up to more acts that we’ve been meaning to feature on the column. And we have to, because next month is the last column (of the year) and we’ll unveil the results of our months-long hunt for the contents of the Philippine indie care package we’re giving to our friend in Kuala Lumpur. (You might have a good idea what’s in it if you’ve been following us on Twitter, or if you’re one of the bands involved.) So, well, on to the tunes – and we begin with a band whose name reminds me of that one time in Bangkok when I had nothing to watch but Boomerang, and I lamented why those classic cartoons are no longer on the Cartoon Network.

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Live things: the highs and lows of the GoodVybes Festival

Hello. Niko here. Our review of the GoodVybes Festival, which took place last Saturday, would be a little different than we envisaged. We planned an essay of observations for the first major (arguably) music festival of 2016. We had a man on the ground: one of our contributing writers, Dexter Tan, bought tickets, making good on his vow to see Chvrches once and for all. And he was there.

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Live things: The Gathering Season by Reese Lansangan

Since it's not entirely a gig, a non-gig photo from the launch of Reese Lansangan's first solo exhibit, The Gathering Season.

If you’ll forgive me, I’ll write about visual arts on what is supposedly a music blog. Yes, I did come (slightly spontaneously) to the launch of The Gathering Season, the first solo exhibition of Reese Lansangan running all this month at Heima Brixton, to watch her perform. We’ve been on to her since Rainy saw her at the Greenlight Music Festival, and I felt that it would be great if we saw her perform together. Too bad Rainy had work last night.

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