Slut-shaming on your late night advice shows

I didn’t hear this myself, since I was at a Christmas party last night, but I’m taking my friend Issa’s word for this. She heard this on last night’s Heartbeats on MOR 101.9. I quote her Facebook post: “Girl opens up about her boyfriend’s best friend forcing himself on her. And the DJs, one is female, says the girl is ‘malandi,’ among other things (lying about her virginity, etc.), clearly missing the obvious: she was raped. And the girl is fucking oblivious about what happened to her. The DJs then suggest she ‘face the consequences,’ have her boyfriend break up with her and hurt her because she ‘deserves it.’ Because she is “selfish” for even hiding it from her boyfriend. This is the society we live in.” Now, I’ll take the benefit of the doubt and wonder what the context of this snippet is about: is there something she didn’t hear? That said, this is beyond cringeworthy: this is victim-blaming, this is slut-shaming, and this is not good for radio. In a market where advice shows dominate late nights, aren’t we ought to have these people taught to be a bit more sensitive? Must be pointed out, though, that DJ Chacha, who usually holds the slot, was not on board that show: instead there were two Star Magic talents. [NB]