“And it feels like I’m drowning.”

“Waves” by Mr Probz | I know, I am posting the original version, released last year, and not the remixed version, released this year and making, err, waves, at least in European pop stations. Mr Probz is Dutch, actually named Dennis, whose career almost was put to a halt when he was shot in 2010. He released his debut full-length, The Treatment, last year; it did reasonably well in the Netherlands. (It, however, does not have this song.) And then this Robin Schulz guy comes in and does the exact same thing he did to Lilly Wood & the Prick: take their song, remix it, and turn it into a huge hit. I assume he did it with permission this time. And now, “Waves” is inescapable, especially in the European pop stations I’ve been listening to lately. I guess that means it’s on its way here. Or has it already arrived? [NB]