“So long, and good night.”

“Helena” by My Chemical Romance | I haven’t been here in a while. And, to be honest, I’ve only come back to say goodbye – I’m a part of this blog, after all. The stuff I listen to are, arguably, polarizing. There are days when I can only tolerate Mozart sonatas, days when I listen to GFriend on repeat, and days when my tweet playlist reigns supreme. I like them all, and I wrote about them. I haven’t written anything in a long time, and although I feel a tinge of regret (or perhaps even guilt), I still don’t feel like doing it. But who knows, right? After all, I find myself going back to the things I got bored with after liking it for so long, like this final song here. I lived for My Chemical Romance, but five years later I dropped them. Five more years later I found myself adding them to my Spotify playlist. Same happened with my K-pop playlist. Things happen in cycles, after all. Maybe in seven years Niko will start blogging about music again. And I might be writing again by then, too. Who knows, right? For now, so long. [SY]


“The hardest part is letting go of your dreams.”

“Sleep” by My Chemical Romance | I’m semi-late to the news that My Chemical Romance have split up, but there you go. They have split up. Amicably, it seems. I wasn’t an emo kid, obviously, but I liked The Black Parade, that pompous blast of a loose concept album that really catapulted them to the mainstream. They may be emo, but they were good at anthems. They were very good at anthems. I’m posting my favorite song from that album – well, one of my favorites, after “I Don’t Love You”, but considering the circumstances this sounds a bit more applicable. Just sleeeeeeeep.