earthings! 2013: My ten favorites of the year

earthings! 2013

Well, that time of the year again, so let’s do what everybody else does and make a yearend list of the best of the year, shall we? But then again, we’re not really a legitimate music blog, so we’re just going small-term by talking about us, us, us. Like last year, this is by no means a representative list of the best music of the past year: these are all, really, my favorite tracks. But it has been an interesting year in music. The girls came out; the dance floor got quiet and merged with hip-hop; and guitar music is, well, still not quite back… but not all that gets a mention. Again, sorted in alphabetical order, my favorites: ten songs that you should soak in while we take a two-week break. We’ll be back on 6 January, unless, of course, surprise gigs get in the way, much like last year. [NB]

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earthings! 2012: My ten favorites of the year

earthings! 2012

It’s that time of the year when every music related website, from the big ones to pretenders like this blog, roll out their yearend lists. But of course I’m getting on that thing too. But this blog was never always updated when it comes to music, partly because I never really aimed to cover every base – so no mention of Kendrick Lamar or Frank Ocean here, because I never really heard their stuff, and everybody else seems to love them. What I’m doing here is a list of my ten favorite tracks of the year, a highly subjective list that inevitably skews towards my preferences and favorite artists – but then again, this is more of a journal than a journalistic endeavor. Soak on this while the blog takes a two-week break (I’ll be back on 7 January 6 January 5 January 4 January). Now, the songs, in alphabetical order. And tell me of your top picks too!

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