“Nobody has the tools to take me down.”

“TCK” by Ninno | Safe to say 2016 is Ninno’s year, isn’t it? Before we first wrote about him on this blog – that was half a year ago – he had already released Third Culture Kid, a warmly accepted introduction to the rapper’s distinct style. He’s slowly broken out as a member of the Logiclub collective; he earned more plaudits as one-third of Shadow Moses, who just released their Expansion Pack EP. (And we saw them live too, which just confirmed what we’ve heard.) Now, Ninno’s solo record is off his Soundcloud page, as it’s now on sale on the usual places. Step up. Good thing. Third Culture Kid is a good introduction to the guy, and the music video for its opening track, released last week, does the same, says as much. Oh, he’s got his own Vevo page, too. 2016 is Ninno’s year? Perhaps, but maybe it’s too early to say. What has 2017 got? [NB]

The Local Outsider #4: an election special featuring Yano, Dicta License and Ninno

The Local OutsiderInevitably… let’s talk about the elections. Crazy, right? No? Oh, yeah, crazy is an understatement. If you’re in the Philippines, you really are better off avoiding your social media feeds. (It sucks that I chose not to curate my feeds because, you know, #feedgoals.) Anyway, a country that can get this fiery when it comes to politics naturally would have an outlet in its music, so on this month’s edition of the Local Outsider, we look at songs with a political bent, artists with a more social approach – and no, I don’t mean Facebook marketing. That’s a different kind of social.

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Live things: the highs and lows of the GoodVybes Festival

Hello. Niko here. Our review of the GoodVybes Festival, which took place last Saturday, would be a little different than we envisaged. We planned an essay of observations for the first major (arguably) music festival of 2016. We had a man on the ground: one of our contributing writers, Dexter Tan, bought tickets, making good on his vow to see Chvrches once and for all. And he was there.

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