“…kahit na nagdurugo ang puso.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Nandito Ako” by Ogie Alcasid | What do Thalia and David Archuleta have in common? They both covered this song. I knew about David’s version – his appearing as the lead of the TV5 drama of the same name was such a weird sequence of events that it oddly became compelling, the American Idol runner-up appearing on a Philippine television drama – but not about Thalia’s version. But that made sense: she recorded that song at the height of her fame here, when Marimar changed the face of this country’s television forever, for better or worse. And it says a lot that they both stumbled upon this Ogie Alcasid classic. Released in 1989, it remains his most iconic hit; you think of the many other things he’s done since – comedy, hosting, wooing a Miss Universe contestant – and your head still goes to this song. It’s such a simple song of heartbreak and unrequited love. Pure, even. Perhaps that lack of frills has made it as enduring as it is today. [NB]