Five years in: (some of) the earthings! story in photographs

Honestly, there really isn’t a lot of story to tell, unless I decide to act like a really big thing and insist that the mundane things earthings! has done over its five years of existence is worth telling. But isn’t it fun to be able to post a photo album of scenes captured from those five years – at least scenes that don’t involve me writing paragraphs in front of a laptop from my so-called desk, or sometimes at various hotels across the region – and say something about the “story” of earthings! across its five years of existence? Yes, right? So, well, here it is – a slightly random compendium of photos, of the people we met, the people we became friends with, and in between, some photos that didn’t quite make it to these pages. This is, after all, a personal blog masquerading as a music blog. You get the idea. [NB]

The Local Outsider #11: what’s inside our PH indie care package to Kuala Lumpur?

The Local OutsiderIn case you’ve been living under a rock (not likely) or are just not really into what I do (more likely), then here’s a recap: tomorrow Shalla and I fly to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday, and to say hello to our friend there, Zaty. They have been friends for years, but they have never met in person. I, on the other hand, have – twice, actually, in my last two visits to the country. In both those visits we have assembled care packages, which have included some typical Philippine souvenirs, her favorite polvoron, and since last year, a CD from a local artist. (That one was this one.) This time I decided to double down, and then some: I’m sending her six CDs. I only hope she has the time to listen to them. Now, on the final installment of the Local Outsider for 2016, I’ll do something different: I’ll talk about those six CDs, and why I picked them. Here’s hoping nobody gets angry at me.

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The Local Outsider #9: the 2016 Bandwagon Music Market preview featuring Oh, Flamingo!, Runway Crimes and Beast Jesus

The Local OutsiderIn a couple of days we’ll be heading to the Bandwagon Music Market – that’s 1 October at the Power Mac Center Spotlight – and, since there’s some incredibly good timing at work, and because we can’t resist easy content (hey, we have to admit it), we’re devoting this month’s edition of the Local Outsider to the acts performing there on Saturday. Okay. Maybe not all of them. I mean, we’ve seen B.P. Valenzuela, CRWN and Tom’s Story live; we’ve written about Bullet Dumas and Eyedress a couple of times; and we’ve even tackled Shadow Moses – well, one of their members – on a previous edition of this column. That, and Inch Chua and Intriguant are Singaporean. So. Yeah. I’ve rambled enough. I told you. Easy content.

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