“I’m empty when you’re gone.”

“Cheerleader” (Felix Jaehn Remix) by OMI | Yep, another one of those songs that came from nowhere and became a hit. But the surprise for me is just how big of a hit it turned out to be. I always thought I’d only hear this song, from Jamaican musician OMI, on Monocle 24 – this particular remix, in fact; the original was released in 2012 – but then it started creeping into pop stations in a bunch of places. The epiphany came last week, when my brother had control of the sounds in the car, and in a bid to avoid my parents from hearing his usual sweary rap songs, he played, in a row, Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids”, Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, this song – a minimal yet good set, if any. Yep. My brother knows of a song I only thought I would know, because I didn’t think it would really break out. Maybe it’s me being snobby, maybe it’s me underestimating the Internet, maybe it’s me thinking it’s too sparse to go big. And then I thought of how we all assume pop music is generally terrible, and how they turn out to be actually good once presented in the right context. So. Are some of us not enjoying pop music, in all its relentless glory, because it’s surrounded by more relentless, tireless, on-turbo pop? Or am I overthinking this? [NB]