earthings! World Cup of Music: Group C

earthings! World Cup of MusicFor me Group C is one of the more open and interesting groups of the World Cup opening stages – four countries with different styles and footballing cultures, and and I’m not convinced that France will have it all their own way. Our World Cup of Music is even more open, with four countries with a rich musical history. [AW]

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“So then I cry. Crash, burn and cry.”

“Brothers” by ONBC | I’m sure I mentioned this on the blog before: how I stumble upon the songs I write about. I listen to my usual foreign radio stations; when I find something I like, I go to their website and hope for a live playlist. Sometimes, though, I fail to do this immediately and I am left with vague memories of when the song played. I end up having a guessing game with YouTube, which sometimes ends well – either I find the song I’m looking for, or I stumble upon something completely different. I’m sure this is the case for ONBC’s “Brothers”. A quiet chugger, and also of a dreamy vein like yesterday’s post, it comes from a Danish four-piece who started out in one band, quit it, and reunited together under a different name. (At least that’s the case for three of the members.) It’s a cinematic trip, rumbling along silently until it goes pop without you noticing. I guess I’m returning to the dreamy side of European alternative, yes? We’ll see in the next few posts… [NB]