“Let me be your Romeo, your wonder boy.”

“Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)” by Ottawan | Would you all hate me if I say that I have been listening to Win Radio while driving lately? Gladly, my musical observations from when it still broadcast on 107.5 (it’s now on 91.5) still stand: it’s still a surprisingly diverse mix, with some pop tracks that you wouldn’t hear in a lot of other places (save, perhaps, for Retro). Here’s one I heard a few weeks back, from a disco duo who are not based in Ottawa like their name suggests. Ottawan is fronted by Jamaican Jean Patrick Baptiste – the female singer, Annette, is a mystery, at least according to Wikipedia – and is actually a project by two French producers, Daniel Vangarde and Jean Kluger. They’re not a one-hit wonder: this song is their second and last big hit, with their debut “D.I.S.C.O.” a bigger success. An interesting slice of pop music history, one you wouldn’t know because, you know, it’s on Win Radio. [NB]