earthings! 2014: My ten favorites of the year

earthings! 2014

Yep, another list of my ten favorite songs of the year. And it’s just that: my ten favorites of the year. While there is an attempt to weave what is clearly a very personal list into some narrative defining the past year, it will most likely not work as much as it should. That said, there were a lot of interesting songs in the past twelve months, and some of my favorite acts went back with some new bits, too. People went quiet; people went retro; people went organic. So there’s that. I don’t know about you, but this is my year in music, sorted in alphabetical order, although you’re likely to guess what I’m biased towards… that’s just the whole nature of it, yes? We’ll be on a two-week holiday break, and we’ll be back with new entries on 5 January. Hopefully. And now, the list. [NB]

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Swap week one, day five: Rainy takes on Paolo Nutini

“Iron Sky” by Paolo Nutini | Another stranger. “Scottish singer-songwriter, who began in your typical singer-songwriter style before going all-out R&B,” Niko told me. This was apparently from his album Caustic Love, which did nothing but remind of The Simpsons. Caustic. Bob. Kostic? The album is nothing like The Simpsons though. He’s always angry! Nutini’s bitter vocals in this track is perfect for when you’re getting drunk in a bar somewhere. Alone. Without any friends to talk to. Not even the bartender… [SY]