“It’s doomsday on the other side of town.”

“Do The Panic” by Phantom Planet | Day one. I really should know what I’m doing by now, for I have been doing this for years, and yet the rush is always different each time. Last year I was woken up at three in the morning with the need to deal with a problem we did not even start. But this bed is comfortable. But now you have to be at the venue in shorts, because you’re sleeping a few floors up. Later, you have to fight the feeling of being starstruck – but then, I’m reserving that for day two. You feel happy that things are coming together, but not quite yet. There’s always space for panicking. I think of this Phantom Planet song because it’s the second most popular one, I assume, after “California” – prominent because of past work, but then things are changing and this becomes a slightly more niche affair. It has the word “panic” in the title, and even if you’re not supposed to be panicking, you do. [NB]