“I didn’t care if the love was cheap.”

“Luxury” by Pr0files | Last year we first wrote about Pr0files, recommended by Dex after a string of YouTube bounces. Now the Los Angeles band, who I hereby describe as a sexier version of Chvrches, returns with a new single, “Luxury”, which is also the name of their upcoming EP. (Lauren and Danny themselves gave me the heads-up, which makes me feel all kinds of awesome, considering the back story.) Like “Call Yourself A Lover”, this one is groovy and intense and all kinds of sexy; you know that kind of electropop that feels effortless, especially in getting you swaying your butt while typing something out on a computer? Yeah, that one. I’m pretty sure they’re still working on that debut album, but at least we know they’re chugging along – in class. The EP hits digital stores on 16 September, and they’ll also have it on 7″ vinyl, if you can easily buy it or something. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“You call yourself a lover, but you fucked up the game.”

“Call Yourself A Lover” by Pr0files | “YouTube [and] Soundcloud sidebar jumping doesn’t need to scar you for life,” Dexter said in his email, and that was followed by a link to, well, Ylvis’ “The Fox”, a song which I have successfully avoided (and yes, even during the Magic live blog, because they haven’t played that song, to our surprise). I don’t get how that song would lead him to this one from Pr0files, perhaps apart from the vague dance-y connection. But the first single from this new Los Angeles duo is delicious: dreamy, slightly fierce synths and the voice of this Lauren girl (sorry, I can’t find her last name) just makes things sexier. So yeah, nothing vaguely fox-y here. Their debut album, Jurassic Technologie, will be out soon, but this single is now available for free download over on, well, Soundcloud. No harm done. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)