Review: Street Safari by Public Access TV

Street Safari by Public Access TVThere’s something interesting about Public Access TV. Somewhat automatically you put them in the same box as their fellow indie bands from New York – you know, that tight, impenetrable, somewhat snobbish kind of cool – but a listen to their records show an openness you don’t quite expect. Their second record, Street Safari, takes a lot in: their plate is filled with a lot of new wave references, and yes, they go deep, not focusing on one style, but rather taking in the whole tableau. Yet, strikingly, their songs breathe. It’s looser, more meandering, but still good enough for the indie disco, even if it might take a while for you to get there. (“Metrotron” is an obvious exemption.) That leaves Street Safari with a bit of an issue. The songs are good, catchy if not anthemic, but a part of you wishes it was snappier, a bit tighter. It seems to go on for too long. But you’ve got to stick with it; it’s all deliberate, and by the end you’ll understand it’s built to be a sleeper – and a confident one, at that. [NB]4/5

Anglophile in New York #7: But the kids do like rock and roll

Anglophile in New YorkWhy are Public Access TV compared to the Strokes in EVERY ARTICLE written? Perhaps it’s just lazy journalism on the part of music critics because the differences between the two bands are fairly stark. All of the Strokes have had a well-heeled Manhattan upbringing; the members all met each other at the Dwight School, Lycée Français de New York, and Le Rosey in Switzerland. The success of the Strokes may or may not directly correlate with their pedigrees, but you cannot deny that it’s a factor.

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Anglophile in New York #2: It’s all in New York, Alexa Chung included

Drowners frontman Matthew Hitt performs at Berlin at the East Village in Manhattan.

Anglophile in New YorkThe date is March 9th and I had a really hard choice to make. I had to choose between seeing Hinds at Bowery Ballroom, or Drowners at Berlin, a bar in the East Village. Since I saw the former at the Palisades in January, I decided to skip them this time around. I haven’t seen Drowners in quite some time and I just had to hear their new music. The weather was unusually nice tonight; it was 76F and I just rode my bike there. This was a good idea.

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“She’s got that morning afterglow.”

“Monaco” by Public Access TV | Jeany recommended them to me, but I also write about them as a bit of a favor. You see, Jean’s doing some stuff on, err, public access television in New York, and she’s got Public Access TV on board her first music show. I only know it’s airing today (err Thursday in New York) [Update: It hasn’t aired yet – the taping was the day this entry went live.] but I don’t know when exactly, so well, let’s post this anyway. Public Access TV is a New York band, and apart from that, I don’t know much. All I can say, judging from this track, is that they sound a bit like vintage Kooks and the Cribs, which is a good thing in my book. I know. A 2005 throwback. It’s not much, but it’s something, still. Their EP is now available for pre-order on iTunes (except, ironically, in the US). Now, Jeany, when’s the show airing? It’s not too late for that, right? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)