The inventory: David Bowie in collaborations

It’s incredibly hard to summarize David Bowie’s career. He’s done a lot of things: 25 albums, several films, everything else in between… the man’s a restless soul, always looking for something to pour his energies into, something he’s done up until his last days, as he produced Blackstar while fighting cancer. So, where to begin, exactly? We won’t exactly have the time to dig deep into Bowie’s many personas and phases, so we’ll spin things a bit and look at his collaborations – or at least some of them; again, we can’t quite cover everything – in this installment of the Inventory. [NB]

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“And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end…”

“We Are The Champions” by Queen | La Salle won the UAAP men’s basketball championships. Good day to be a Lasallian. Good day to write about the most predictable song about being a champion. Don’t complain. I’ll have a better song soon. Maybe. [NB]