2016 earthings! Fantasy Festival, part two: the Cyclothymic stage

2016 earthings! Fantasy Festival: the White Noise stage

earthings! Fantasy FestivalWelcome to day two of the 2016 earthings! Fantasy Festival, a week of live performances that’s all just happening in our heads. Today, contributor Allene Allanigue flies in at the last minute with another all-female line-up, which happens to include a former First Lady and a way-too-obvious blog favorite. (Nobody prompted anybody.)

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“When we’re alone, it’s like we’re home.”


“Home” by Reese Lansagan | I had this weird fuzzy feeling when I first heard this song, very faintly, coming out of my mother’s bedroom a few weeks back. She was watching the wedding video of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna; videographer to the stars Jason Magbanua roped in blog favorite (we can call her that, right?) Reese Lansangan to write a song for it. Now she’s released the full version of the song, and now I’m having my first proper listen to it. The opening half made me want to well up, and that was it. I’m done. It’s not the coffee I just had, I’m sure. And, yes, the song may not have taken the world by storm like I initially guessed, but it’s still as good an introduction as any. Unless you’ve already heard of Reese before, that is. By the way, yes, that is a Bandcamp embed; it’s only going to be available there, I think, so get it off there, yes? [NB]

Live things: Reese Lansangan’s Arigato, Internet! album launch

Reese Lansangan launches her debut solo record, Arigato, Internet!, with a set at Green Sun in Makati.

“The next time Reese holds a collage-making workshop,” Rainy told me, “let me know. I want to join.” So, a little over five months ago, we stocked up on old magazines at Book Sale, bought a shiny new pair of scissors, and went to the workshop. Well, only she took part. I was just there hovering around, doing some pre-blogging (that would be our month-long series on OPM classics) and playing with some questions in my head.

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Review: Arigato, Internet! by Reese Lansangan

Arigato, Internet! by Reese LansanganIf you’ve been following her on Soundcloud these past few years, you have a pretty good idea what to expect from Reese Lansangan: a slight touch of whimsy in her words, a voice that ties them all together with a hush that could, could, break out. The formula hasn’t changed much on her debut solo record, but the fact that Arigato, Internet! exists – the title, a nod to how she got here – should get fans excited. Thankfully, she’s got it all planned out, and while most of the songs on the record are familiar ones – only a couple of them are fairly new – the new mixes add details that, err, enhance things. “Code of Kin” get some sweeping strings, for instance, while “A Song About Space” gets a bit more playful. Perhaps it’s the familiarity, but the most interesting bits from the record come in the newer songs: “Slick” is a hushed jazzy delight that’s a subdued saxophone away from a full swinger, while “St. Petersburg”, the “concept” piece that closes the record (save for the two bonus tracks), is deceptively simple, actually hypnotic, reaching a climax that’s surprisingly satisfying considering that it’s at the very end. Arigato, Internet! is a promising next step for a budding singer-songwriter – and, acknowledging the fact that we’ve been writing about Reese for two years now, let me clarify that I am not just saying that. [NB] | 4/5

“Is butter a carb?”

“On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink” by Reese Lansangan | Aaaaand barely beating our holiday hiatus is our good friend Reese Lansangan. (We can call you that, right, Reese?) So, a song about Mean Girls, a film which – and no, I’m not saying this to salvage what’s left of my cred – I saw the first time around, ten years ago, and enjoyed, but judging from how people worship the film now, it all prolly flew past my head. I know Tina Fey wrote it, but I also know Lindsay Lohan was on it. Sorry. Sorry. There is no excuse, I know. Rainy has a shirt with the “is butter a carb?” line on it. We’ve been together two years and I had no idea she had such a shirt. Okay, there goes what’s left of my cred. I might as well go on an emotional eating binge. I know carbohydrates make one happy. Is butter a carb? [NB]