The Local Outsider #22: Reneé Dominique, Rizza Cabrera… and a few more thoughts

A couple of months ago Stephen Colbert had Jerry Seinfeld on for an interview – the latter was promoting his Netflix special, and who wouldn’t resist the opportunity to see two top comedians riff off each other? But the conversation went to inspirations (inevitably, as said Netflix special revolves around Jerry’s time before he had his big break in comedy) and then it went to Bill Cosby, the comedian who is accused of sexual abuse by several women.

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“Maybe this confession will grab your attention.”

“Maybe We’d Be On To Something” by Rizza Cabrera | “I watched her once,” Rainy told me once. But of course she has. She’s the YouTube traipse-er and I’m, err, more passive when it comes to these things. (Also, we’re five years apart; there’s a generational shift right there.) Anyway, the second artist I’ve long been meaning to write about. Can I just say that I love the verve in Rizza’s voice. There’s… something. It’s arresting. I saw her perform this song live and it’s a crowd favorite – again, I am way behind on these things – and I can see why. It’s fresh. It’s not an original thought, but it’s done in a different way. And, again, that verve. The video doesn’t quite do it justice, so, you know, if she shows up somewhere, go. [NB]

Live things: The Gathering Season by Reese Lansangan

Since it's not entirely a gig, a non-gig photo from the launch of Reese Lansangan's first solo exhibit, The Gathering Season.

If you’ll forgive me, I’ll write about visual arts on what is supposedly a music blog. Yes, I did come (slightly spontaneously) to the launch of The Gathering Season, the first solo exhibition of Reese Lansangan running all this month at Heima Brixton, to watch her perform. We’ve been on to her since Rainy saw her at the Greenlight Music Festival, and I felt that it would be great if we saw her perform together. Too bad Rainy had work last night.

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