“Qu’est ce qu’on peut bien faire de mieux.”

“Et puis juin” by Rose | I’ve been sitting on this song for months – by that, I mean I have a screen cap of the song’s title on my phone (I streamed it from Option Musique, as always) waiting for the time when I can write about this. And then I forgot, and here I am. It’s nice listening to this song again – a light, bouncy, frothy thing, quite breathy, not exactly alluring but magnetic enough. There really is a French style I cannot quite get a grip on. Rose is her stage name – Keren Meloul, actual one – and she’s been singing for the past decade or so, only launching into music after a stint as a teacher. Basing on this song alone, I see the connection: it feels whimsical but a closer translation of the lyrics suggests something grounded, something more realistic. It was nice to chance upon this again. [NB]