How to collect Nordic pop music, part four: the Norwegian course

How to Collect Nordic Pop Music

Now, it’s on to Norway as we continue to go country-by-country for this seven-week look at Nordic pop. Despite being significantly smaller, population-wise, from Sweden – five million people, roughly, as opposed to nine million – musically it’s also contributed a lot. Like Sweden, there’s a lot of Norwegian music on the radio and you wouldn’t realize it… at least until the time you finish going through this. Unless you already knew about it.

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Review: The Inevitable End by Röyksopp

The Inevitable End by RöyksoppRöyksopp’s fifth album, The Inevitable End, might just be, well, the end: while the Norwegian duo said have not announced a split, they say this might be their last full-length album. If their last EP with Robyn (who also collaborates on this album) is to be judged, you’ll see they have a point: Do It Again is five tight tracks, but that is not a knock on The Inevitable End, which, again, shows off Röyksopp’s range. The record mostly hinges on the softer side of things – hard beginning, softer as it goes – but has a brooding energy creeping underneath. It’s over, it seems to scream, or whatever comes closest to it. It’s going to end. The collaborators – Jamie McDermott and Susanne Sundfør included – seem to not want it to end, but by the time the final track “Thank You” rolls along, we all just give up. And it’s a fascinating trip. You just don’t know if Röyksopp did the right call or not. [NB] | 4/5