Review: Familiarity by Runway Crimes

Familiarity by Runway CrimesThere’s a point in “The Astronaut”, which marks the halfway point in Runway Crimes’ Familiarity, where the band suddenly changes gears and I felt quite confused. Up until that point the record has been, for lack of a better term, consistent: it’s filled with songs you can unleash your emotions out to, the sort you sing in the rain, the sort where nothing else but what you feel matters. Well, all right, the songs are all right. They’re good, fuzzy sing-alongs, the sort I would have enjoyed if I was ten years younger. I still enjoy them now, but in moderation, mixed in with other songs, so everything builds into a nice emotional peak. Familiarity is familiar, but it is exhausting. It’s all upheaval and no return. When “The Astronaut” decided to dial down the atmosphere and slightly up the tempo, I was confused, but I thought the break made the song better. It was a quick respite before all of the same followed, at least until the icky “Unchartered Waters” came on. It is a change of pace, yes – it is pretty much sleazy, or at least trying to be, R&B. I get it’s supposed to mean unbridled passion, but to me, that was confusing. [NB]2/5

The Local Outsider #9: the 2016 Bandwagon Music Market preview featuring Oh, Flamingo!, Runway Crimes and Beast Jesus

The Local OutsiderIn a couple of days we’ll be heading to the Bandwagon Music Market – that’s 1 October at the Power Mac Center Spotlight – and, since there’s some incredibly good timing at work, and because we can’t resist easy content (hey, we have to admit it), we’re devoting this month’s edition of the Local Outsider to the acts performing there on Saturday. Okay. Maybe not all of them. I mean, we’ve seen B.P. Valenzuela, CRWN and Tom’s Story live; we’ve written about Bullet Dumas and Eyedress a couple of times; and we’ve even tackled Shadow Moses – well, one of their members – on a previous edition of this column. That, and Inch Chua and Intriguant are Singaporean. So. Yeah. I’ve rambled enough. I told you. Easy content.

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