“I am so blissfully unaware of everything.”

“Hypersonic Missiles” by Sam Fender | All right, so I have heard of Sam Fender before. When you win the Critics’ Award at the Brits – the one award they announce early on – you get my curiosity, because likely you’re coming from slightly out of nowhere, and also, you really do tend to be prominent. I’ve listened to “That Sound” and “Play God”, both songs with an intense sound behind it. And then you listen to his third single, which leans more heavily on the sociopolitical commentary. That’s never a bad thing. We always will need someone who’s more willing to speak (or sing, in this case) about bigger things than lost love. And then the saxophone kicks in and everything clicks together, about how he’s clearly taking his cues from Bruce Springsteen. Man, the saxophone. Well, I am a fan of the instrument deployed well, and that last bit was a rush, alongside everything building up to what clearly is the end of hope, or the end of hopelessness. [NB]