“Ano nga bang puno’t dulo, bakit nagtatagal?”

“Ikot-Ikot” by Sarah Geronimo | James Reid yesterday. Sarah Geronimo today. This tangent is thanks to Claud, who would’ve written about this but just is busy with her day job, so here I am. I have heard this song before, on one of those days when I drive with Love Radio in the background, but never really thought much of it. I’m sure I said it’s good, but that was it. Claud calls this the first Sarah G song that she took seriously. The connection between this and yesterday’s post? Both are produced by Thyro Alfaro. You might know him as one half of Thyro and Yumi – they co-wrote the James Reid song, and have done some soul-pop tracks themselves. This one’s a more straightforward affair, but it doesn’t sound dinky. Anyway, tomorrow, we go deeper. [NB]