“Careful what you say next.”

“Sounds” by Seed Bunye | Today’s write-up, and tomorrow’s, is a month delayed. By now you know the story. I watched Seed perform a few weeks ago. I, for some reason, gathered up what’s left of my excuse for blogger strength and asked for her Soundcloud account. I was supposed to do it in Singapore, during the week-long break – a buffer for when I get back – but it didn’t materialize. Now, here I am, catching up on my writing. There are a few songs on her Soundcloud page, and this is the one song I’m sure is an original. Recording’s lo-fi and a bit scratchy, but it tells you all you need to know: it’s intimate and a bit quirky and feels-worthy. Also, I think I could do a better blog entry than this. Sorry, Seed. [NB]

Live things: The Gathering Season by Reese Lansangan

Since it's not entirely a gig, a non-gig photo from the launch of Reese Lansangan's first solo exhibit, The Gathering Season.

If you’ll forgive me, I’ll write about visual arts on what is supposedly a music blog. Yes, I did come (slightly spontaneously) to the launch of The Gathering Season, the first solo exhibition of Reese Lansangan running all this month at Heima Brixton, to watch her perform. We’ve been on to her since Rainy saw her at the Greenlight Music Festival, and I felt that it would be great if we saw her perform together. Too bad Rainy had work last night.

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