Review: Super Shadow Moses Turbo by Shadow Moses

Super Shadow Moses Turbo by Shadow MosesI’m not new to Shadow Moses, the nerdcore trio slowly making ripples in Manila’s indie scene, but approaching them nonetheless feels like entering a wholly different world, one in which you’re, perhaps, not supposed to enter, for your sakes. Thankfully, their new album, Super Shadow Moses Turbo, is quite welcoming. If you follow their Facebook page you’ll have a good idea of their humor and interests, and those are laid down pretty early on, with the opening skit leading to the first-world-problems-y “Service Unavailable 2.0”. All right, well, perhaps Shadow Moses can be a bit narrowly niche that you find yourself not connecting. They are having fun with the record, but at times it feels there’s too much fun and you’re not sure where they’re going with it. Some tracks feel like half-baked ideas, while others, like “Doomtown” and “Ideas Running Out”, grab you. But ultimately Super Shadow Moses Turbo – in all its geeky, uneven glory – is a fun listen. [NB]3/5

Live things: the highs and lows of the GoodVybes Festival

Hello. Niko here. Our review of the GoodVybes Festival, which took place last Saturday, would be a little different than we envisaged. We planned an essay of observations for the first major (arguably) music festival of 2016. We had a man on the ground: one of our contributing writers, Dexter Tan, bought tickets, making good on his vow to see Chvrches once and for all. And he was there.

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