“We got nothing in common.”

“Neon” by Shy Shy Shy | It’s always nice to hear back from Shy Shy Shy, and as they’ve been busy, we’ve been hearing from them a lot. They’re back with a new EP, Gloss, some songs from which you’ve probably already heard, especially if you’ve been watching the TV series Doggystyle. (I think some people I know have.) But leading that EP is a new song, “Neon”, which sees a different dimension to the group’s polished electropop sound. This one is filled with, uh, more swagger. It’s like a beast inside has awakened, but not fully, which means some grumbling. All I’m saying is, it’s an interesting new step for the Danish duo. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


“I got nowhere to go tonight.”

“Joyride” by Shy Shy Shy | I have been so busy I have lost track of Shy Shy Shy’s little project, releasing songs for the Danish television show Doggystyle. I mean, the last time I wrote about it I didn’t even know the show’s title. We’ve written about “Sober”, and two more songs have been released since then. I assume “Doggystyle (Pretty Please)” is the actual theme song, and it’s similarly languid, if not a bit more familiar in comparison with the stuff they have released before. But this third track, “Joyride”, is pretty. Here they really strip back, just Simon’s guitar and Astrid’s vocals and nothing more, at least initially. And it does put things into perspective, doesn’t it? It builds nicely but it doesn’t lose sight of the essentials. I guess I have to look up that television show now. Will Netflix have it? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

“My mouth is dry. My teeth are blue. What else is new?”

“Sober” by Shy Shy Shy | We round off the week with new music from one of our favorites from Denmark, Shy Shy Shy. (This is when we point you towards the direction of their Five Songs feature.) This new song isn’t on their recent album, and it shows, because this one feels more languid than most of their other work, a slow build that meanders quite a bit. I seem to have “languid” in my head often these days, but anyway. This is one of several songs the duo have written for an upcoming new TV show, airing on Scandinavian networks soon, helmed by director Anna Emma Haudal, who incidentally directed the music video for their first single. (I loved that video, and I loved that introduction to the band.) And that’s all we can say, because we have no idea what that show is about. Yeah, I’m afraid we’ll have to stop here… for now. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

Review: Make Up by Shy Shy Shy

Make Up by Shy Shy ShyWhat drew me first to Danish duo Shy Shy Shy is how… sneaky it is. It’s one for the dance floor (not the hardcore ones, but you get the idea) but it also sits comfortably in the typical twee sounds we think of when we try to grapple with Scandinavian indie pop. But regular readers would know there’s more than that, if you think of how often we’ve written about them, and Make Up, their first full-length, proves that. It doesn’t so much straddle those two circles as mix them together, and what you get is an eminently satisfying record. Quiet synths guide you through the beginnings of a Friday night out, the euphoria of departure, the collapse of expectations, the resetting of ideals, and finally, you know, fuck it, let’s dance. Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldegaard make it effortless (and their harmonies come in when you most need it, so it feels better) to the point that even I, a guy who’s never been on a night out, can relate. So much so that when album closer “Never Gonna Sleep” treats us to an outright dance-off, I feel compelled to shake something. But I’m seated, so that’ll have to wait. [NB]4/5