Things in Simlish, part five: the pop artists that got translated

“Shark in the Water” (Simlish) by VV Brown | The Sims began playing with Simlish versions of actual pop songs on a later expansion pack of the first game, and went all out in the next two versions. It’s fun hearing Lily Allen and Paramore sing in Simlish (and, for my surprisingly few Filipino readers, Charice) but the charm’s disappeared somehow. Yet they still get stuck in your head. This one, in particular, off the soul station on The Sims 3 – the preferred soundtrack of this bar the Pearce brothers ran – always wiggled its way into my head, partly because the original does the same, and partly because this always plays first when I enter the bar. Still, nothing beats the very first set. And with that, Sims week is over. Regular programming again tomorrow, shall we?

Things in Simlish, part four: the last surviving disco song

“Do you know the radio song that goes ‘uri-uri-oooh-papa-uri-ooh-ooh’?” Rainy asked me. “I always play that!” And here it is – that song from the disco radio station that, apparently, survived all three Sims games. Apparently it was on The Sims 2 (which I never played) and just made an appearance on The Sims 3, in an expansion pack I’ve yet to install. Sure, we have good memories of the songs on the original game, but this has got to be the most enduring. Now, boogie.

Things in Simlish, part three: the retro throwbacks

I never quite knew who performed this song, and a bunch of other retro tracks you’d hear on cheap speakers in Downtown locations on The Sims: Hot Date. And nobody else does – I went on YouTube and they’re talking about how they’ve heard those songs in places from movies to television shows to elevators. And it’s a good thing, if you’d ask my mother: if it sounds familiar even if it isn’t, it’s got to be good. There are nine of these songs on Hot Date, and this is my favorite of them all, because it’s gotten stuck in my head for ten years. And now that I’ve heard it again, it’s gotten more stuck.

Things in Simlish, part two: the loading screen

“Now Entering” by Marc Russo | It’s been more than ten years since I started playing The Sims, and I fell in love with the music instantly (apart from the ability to build houses – it’s the frustrated architect in me). Eventually I found a way to grab all the music on the game – the loading screens, the stuff on the radio, the things you hear when you cheat your way to that flat screen TV – and put it on a playlist, which I listened to while doing homework. The jazzy bits were always the best, like this one, which I heard a fair bit while making my first family. It’s not the Ziffs. That’s my second family. Don’t remember who the first was, but I remember they have a daughter named Kara.

Things in Simlish, part one: the conversations

“It’s an ear thing, after all,” Edsel told me a few weeks back. “The selective ear.” So begins a weird theme week on the blog: stuff I heard on The Sims. Yep, that video game. Let’s be more specific: it’s stuff I heard on the first version of The Sims, which had really good music – this was before the developers decided to just have Simlish versions of pop songs. (Later in the week, however, I’ll post one of them here.) Today, though, we start the week with actual Simlish conversations. It is an ear thing, after all. I’m sorry for being so weird.