The inventory: Prince, otherwise known as…


Once again, we find ourselves addressing the passing of a music icon – someone whose oeuvre is so big it’s quite difficult to start somewhere. Prince was very prolific during his lifetime: apart from 39 albums and the many singles in between, whether as a solo act or with his many backing bands, he also wrote and produced songs for other artists, often doing so under a different name. “If you give away an idea, you still own that idea,” he once said. “In fact, giving it away strengthens it. Why do people feel they have to take credit for everything they do? Ego, that’s the only reason.” On this installment of the Inventory, we look at five songs in which Prince had a hand on – all but two under a pseudonym, all varied, all interesting.

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“It’s been seven hours and fifteen days…”

“Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinéad O’Connor | Since I started this blog I’ve been waiting for forever to have a chance to write about this song. (Actually, the initial plan was to write about the Prince original, and then this one, and then another cover, maybe this one from, umm, Capital Cities.) But thank you, Miley Cyrus, because now you’re unwittingly in a feud-ish with Sinéad O’Connor, who penned an open letter addressing your tendency to stick your tongue out but not your tits, to which you responded by being such a Bieber-level douchebag, to which she responded with a few more expletives, and a defense of Amanda Bynes. My goodness. I shouldn’t stoop this low. And I should write about another Sinead O’Connor song. But you love this song, girl, and now… umm… no, not your tits, I don’t want your tits, no. Also, Miley, you deserve a few more expletives for implying that being different should be shunned. Fuck. You. [NB]