Instrumentals we love, part three: These bleeps are meant to distract you

“Forgiveness” by Spazzkid | Adrian dropped me another email, this time with a track from Spazzkid, aka Mark Redito, a producer who moved to Los Angeles in 2008 after performing here in Manila for several years. So, sure, I checked it out. He led me to “Forgiveness”, because, in his words, “I guess you will know why it’s entitled [such].” Spazzkid’s a bit like Tycho: it’s quiet and muted, the bursts being the little (clipped) clips of laughter and the 8-bit sounds he apparently has a thing for. (His Facebook page cites “video game music” as an influence.) Thing was, I wasn’t feeling much. It’s not because I’m not exactly into these things, these slightly inaccessible tracks from the Filipino underground cognosenti – the suggestion to begin this blog came after a review of Pasta Groove’s first album I wrote on my now-dead Multiply page, after all – but this? This could’ve been too much… and then the final seconds came in, and I was floored by the sample he used. Nope, not spoiling. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)