Anglophile in New York #8: One night in the Big Apple, we all went British

There was a time Niko and I never ever talked about Asian pop, even though we are both Asian. We were always talking about stuff like the Mystery Jets, Suede, and Ocean Colour Scene. This article is dedicated to our musical origins; and we must never forget them, EVER.

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Review: Tell Me If You Like To by Spring King

Tell Me If You Like To by Spring KingSpring King burst into the scene swinging – an obscure band getting the honor of being the first act played on Apple’s curious push towards live radio, Beats 1. Almost a year later they have released a full-length album, and Tell Me If You Like To is a punchy, if not revolutionary, set of riffs and hooks. They may have had a high-profile coming-out party to most of the world but their songs still remind me of cramped stages in grimy bars. (Disclaimer: this is just a mental image, not a place I have actually been to.) It’s catchy, sure, but there’s a visceral, raw, sticky vibe coming out. You know, like the debut efforts of those bands now selling out entire arenas. The Arctic Monkeys, for one. I know the music press has, for now, given up on proclaiming guitar music as the next best thing – the cycle has not quite come fully through – but Spring King reminds us that there’s still hope, or some semblance of it. [NB] | 4/5