“I worked too hard for this chance to not be biting the hand that feeds the hate.”

“Old Man” by Stella Donnelly | I’ve been wondering this lately: what’s it with me and female Australian artists lately, and why am I slightly gravitating towards them? Like, I’ve just written about Julia Jacklin, and I had an Alex Lahey phase, and now here’s Stella Donnelly. She is from Perth, and just last week she released her debut album, Beware of the Dogs. I actually got wind of her the week of the release, but didn’t have the time to squeeze her into the reviews queue; in fact, I have yet to fully listen to her album. It’s one of those moments when both Shalla and I stumble upon her, separately, at the exact same time. And here I am, writing about “Old Man” (as it’s the first song of hers I heard) and I am just realizing how this is about sexual harassment. [NB]