Anglophile in New York #8: One night in the Big Apple, we all went British

There was a time Niko and I never ever talked about Asian pop, even though we are both Asian. We were always talking about stuff like the Mystery Jets, Suede, and Ocean Colour Scene. This article is dedicated to our musical origins; and we must never forget them, EVER.

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Review: Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect by Sundara Karma

Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect by Sundara KarmaA new year means more bands attempting to reclaim guitar-driven music for the masses. Well, it’s not really their stated intention, but for the good part of the past decade every buzzy band that releases a debut album carried all that expectation on their shoulders. This month it’s Sundara Karma, a British band whose name does not suggest some sort of Indian influence. Instead, it’s more of the same: indie anthems designed for arena sing-alongs, blending together and not being remarkable as a result. It’s a shame, because the first couple of tracks on Youth is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect are genuinely interesting: “A Young Understanding” and “Loveblood” have this energy that I haven’t heard from other new bands that have had the task of “waving the flag for rock and roll”. It reminded me of how I liked the Gaslight Anthem the first time, or, dare I say, a less cathartic Bruce Springsteen? And then the quality flags and the album is just like all the others. [NB]3/5