Drea’s things (go pop rock), part three: The All-American Rejects

“Heartbeat Slowing Down” by the All-American Rejects | Drea’s back with a long email’s worth of recommendations – well, fine, most of them are bands that you already know, especially if you were a teenager in the early noughties like me, and have pretty much overlooked them. The All-American Rejects, for one – I still remember them for “Swing Swing” (and how another friend of mine loved it) and they’re still doing stuff, albeit they haven’t been as big as before. And then there’s their latest album, Kids in the Street, which I actually didn’t know existed; this song was just released as a digital single, and it sounds unusually more intense than their previous songs. It’s just so… wobbly? It’s not the right term. It oddly reminds me of Linkin Park’s later stuff, which doesn’t sound that farfetched considering they were most famous in the same time period. (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)