The five songs Shy Shy Shy can’t live without

Shy Shy Shy is Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldegaard, a duo from Denmark who have subverted our expectations of Scandinavian indie pop with a synth-powered mix of awkwardness and confidence. We’ve been writing about them for the past three years or so, across which we’ve seen them push their boundaries while keeping that sense of fun. This Friday they release their debut full-length, Make Up, and to make the occasion we’ve dusted off this feature and asked them about the five songs they can’t live without. It’s not entirely synth-powered.

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The five songs Wish 107.5’s Princess Leigh can’t live without

Princess Leigh hosted mornings on Wish 107.5 from its launch until September 2016.

The Five Songs Wish 107.5's Princess Leigh Can't Live WithoutThis is the second installment of The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without, where we ask people (of interest) about, well, the five songs they can’t live without. This one had some extraordinary timing going for it: the day we considering inviting Wish 107.5 DJ Princess Leigh is the very day she was doing her last show on the station. (In case you’re wondering, she’s the one enthusing about the NBA season when we live-blogged the station two years ago.) Yes, the station plays classic hits most of the time, but you’d see her enthuse about local indie acts too, especially if you follow her on Twitter. A perfect fit, we thought, so we asked her as she wrapped up her last show – and now we the five songs (the former?) Princess Leigh can’t live without.

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“It really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong or I’m right.”

“Fixing A Hole” by the Beatles | This morning I woke up with this song in my head – or, specifically, the version Lilly Scott did when she was on American Idol, back when I covered the show in a past life. (Wonder what she’s doing now?) Sure, this song may be about drug use – which song has not received that allegation? – but, you know, some way to wake up this morning and all that. And it really doesn’t matter… [NB]

“Got to be a joker, He just do what he please.”

“Come Together” by Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin | I’m writing this because, well, Robin Williams. I am intensely saddened. He is one of my favorite actors, and the first favorite I decided on as a ten-year-old. (Quick recollection on my other blog here.) He covered this song, with Bobby McFerrin, for a compilation of Beatles covers released by Sir George Martin in 1998. (Robin also appeared in the music video for Bobby’s biggest hit, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.) Of course, we all know him as manic comedian and focused dramatist. Struggled like everyone else, rose above it like everyone else. I am intensely saddened of hearing his death today. Like a part of me has gone, a part that wasn’t supposed to go. [NB]