“I would be complete if you would let me in.”

“Starcrossed Lovers” by the Fratellis | For reasons long illustrated on this blog, I have been out of the loop with the British bands of my college years, or at least most of them. I know the Fratellis have done stuff since “Chelsea Dagger” but somehow not all of them stay stuck in my head, although the jangly “Seven Nights Seven Days” is an exception. And now, a new single. A new album, even. Perhaps me describing this to the Scottish indie of, again, my college years would prove that I know little. I never really dug deep into their discography. And besides, that intro gives way to something a bit more recognizably Fratellis. But, you know, this is a feel good song. I feel good after this. It’s easy, it’s happy… what else is there to say? [NB]