“How do I look now? Am I a beauty?”

“Girlhood” by the Preatures | Proof that I am woefully out of the loop lately: I missed this. The Preatures – my other favorite Aussie band, but then again there are many – have returned with a track that focuses squarely on their revving sound, but still has that romp through rock history that they did the first time. But listening to this right now, as I write this, makes me harried. I have lots of work to do and I am rushing this to post because I actually scheduled nothing. Again. Here we go. Again. How do I look now? Am I clearly harangued? [NB]


earthings! 2014: My ten favorites of the year

earthings! 2014

Yep, another list of my ten favorite songs of the year. And it’s just that: my ten favorites of the year. While there is an attempt to weave what is clearly a very personal list into some narrative defining the past year, it will most likely not work as much as it should. That said, there were a lot of interesting songs in the past twelve months, and some of my favorite acts went back with some new bits, too. People went quiet; people went retro; people went organic. So there’s that. I don’t know about you, but this is my year in music, sorted in alphabetical order, although you’re likely to guess what I’m biased towards… that’s just the whole nature of it, yes? We’ll be on a two-week holiday break, and we’ll be back with new entries on 5 January. Hopefully. And now, the list. [NB]

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“Tell me, are you mine?”

“Two Tone Melody” by the Preatures | Now, something chilled for a Sunday. It’s a new one from Aussie band the Preatures – they who gave us this groovy stomper – and the first definite taste of their debut full-length album, which should be out later this year. Recorded with Spoon drummer Jim Eno, it’s a very slinky, laid-back affair, and it just fits in perfectly with the Sydney band’s sound. So, yeah, hello, June. Let’s get relaxed before school starts, shall we? [NB]

“Is it real for you like it’s real to me?”

“Is This How You Feel?” by the Preatures | In hindsight, it’s unfair to compare this song to stuff from San Cisco – my only basis for that are the catchy, jumpy drums that surround it. But with this track, the Preatures manage to sound vaguely sexy and vaguely indie poppy at the same time. The Sydney-based five-piece got together in 2011 and have released a bunch of EPs; this is their newest single, and it starts off infectiously, only to move towards a darker direction by the end. I oddly hear shades of the xx here, if only because of the interplay between vocalists Isabella Manfredi and Gideon Bensen. Add to that some sort of polished grit, and you have a pretty exciting sound on your hands.