“I got too comfortable back in your room.”

“All My Friends Are Falling In Love” by the Vaccines | Someone described this as the happiest song the Vaccines ever made, and I tend to agree. It is unusually shiny and glammy for the band that tends to be a bit more… garage-y, although they have had this sunny disposition in some of their songs. That said, I’m not writing about this song because it made such an impression on me. Don’t get me wrong – I like this song, but it’s more all right, and after years of listening to British indie it takes a while for a song to get straight to me. I’m writing about this because, last weekend, Shalla told me that every time this song comes on whenever we’re in the car – I’ve been having the British alternative stations streaming on my drives lately – this song gets stuck in her head for days. I honestly didn’t expect that outcome. I guess that also makes this a pretty… strong song than most. [NB]

“I think I might be losing my mind.”

“Melody Calling” by the Vaccines | What did I expect from the Vaccines? Not something as chilled as this. The studio version of their next single, “Melody Calling”, has come out, and the one thing I did not expect them to do is to channel a little First British Invasion, a little the Smiths, a little This Is Ivy League, perhaps a little more cowbell. That, and the album art looks very much like that for the Beatles’ Please Please Me. This is a lovely left turn.

Review: Come of Age by the Vaccines

Come of Age by the VaccinesI have to say this: the Vaccines has come of age. Their debut a couple of years back was buzzy but ended up a bit of a disappointment, with the album sounding bored all around. Now Justin Young and company have gotten to work, with an album that sounds much more diverse and much more confident. Sure, it might take long for you to get the hang of it – I thought “Teenage Icon” isn’t as sharp as it should (I really did – ask the Aussies) but it proved to be snappy enough for me to like. And then there’s album closer “Lonely World”, which surprisingly fits outside the British market in its sentimentality. There are still a few misses, but I enjoyed this album a fair bit, I never really thought of nitpicking. Well, apart from “Aftershave Ocean” – coolest song title I’ve encountered all year. | 4/5

“I’m too self-absorbed to give it clout.”

“No Hope” by the Vaccines | A lovely new track from the Vaccines now, and upon closer inspection it sounds like it could sum up Girls a hell lot. (Why I still watch it, I don’t know.) Also, it must be said, this new single sounds a bit different from the grungy Vaccines we heard on their debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? Part of me is now going, “hmm, a bit of an Arctic Monkeys trajectory, huh?” Maybe. (This post was updated on 14 June with the official music video… which I am six days behind on. Forgive me.)